The Nature Garden: gardening, wildlife & nature notes

Mellow fruitfulness

October 19, 2022 The Weekending Show Season 6 Episode 1
The Nature Garden: gardening, wildlife & nature notes
Mellow fruitfulness
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Hello and welcome to the Nature Garden Podcast, with me, Carl Stiansen, and the Weekending Show Team from Lionheart Radio. 

It’s a chance to take a wander down the garden path and country lane… with the birds and the bees and the flowers and trees…  and an opportunity to hear stories from the past and present…

In this episode… 

Autumn fruitfulness with Tom Pattinson… strawberry and raspberry stock taking and it’s jam time!

We’re out and about with Steve Lowe who’s on the trail of native Northumbrian crayfish… 

The fantastic flashes of riverside royalty…. Tom Cadwallender is in the company this week of some kingfishers …

Plus, some top tips for the garden from Tom P…

And we’ll be taking tea for two…  a time to put your feet up and relax as we take a little musical interlude. 

All coming up on Nature Garden Podcast….  

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Intro and theme tune: Princess of the Ocean feat. Steve Deegan, Carl Cape and Jamie Robb
Mellow fruitfulness #1
Mellow fruitfulness #2
Northumbrian crayfish
Jobs for the week with Tom P
Bye for now & see you soon